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  2. Fill in the key details about your business and your ‘Front Line’ offer to customers.
  3. Each fortnight, the Food & Agribusiness Network (FAN) will contact you to confirm how many meals you’re making available, and then issue vouchers on your behalf to Wishlist to distribute to healthcare workers.

Got questions? See some FAQs below or contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Any local, independent businesses offering meals or food and drink, either delivery or
  2. Other business may be involved through sponsorship of the campaign or donation of
    products. Please contact us to discuss further!
  • Name of business
  • Address of business
  • Website URL
  • Do you offer delivery? If so, included brief description of area.
  • What is your offer(s) that is associated with you donating a meal to a healthcare worker
  • Business logo
  • Image - ideally of what your offer is, but if not possible then a picture that best represents your business

Businesses identify specific products or offers they would like associated with the Front Line campaign. Purchase of one of these products or offers will result in the business donating a meal/product voucher that can then be redeemed by a healthcare worker. 

In addition to providing practical support to healthcare workers, Front Line is an awareness raising campaign that drives customers
to purchase from the participating businesses.


The campaign will generate a sense of unity, goodwill and strengthened community engagement that will last beyond the crisis.

The idea is that each healthcare worker will be provided with a voucher for two 'meals' - essentially a portion size suitable for two people. Ideally the voucher will include two options - typically one meat and one vegetarian option. Consideration to be able to make this gluten free would be appreciated if possible. 


Healthcare workers will use the voucher to redeem the meals directly from your business.


If you offer delivery, you may choose to deliver the meal, however this is at your discretion. 

The Food & Agribusiness Network (FAN) will be coordinating the voucher process for the campaign. They will contact you on a fortnightly basis to confirm your number of vouchers and the details.


FAN will then issue the vouchers to Wishlist, who will distribute them to healthcare workers. 

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